The Bacon Equation

So in coming across a new bacon product I discovered the bacon equation for microwave bacon. This will help you determine your cooking time using the WowBacon.

T = time in seconds
P = microwave power in watts
N = number of bacon strips
C = Crispy factor (0-6)
Th = Bacon Thickness factor; thin = 30; thick = 45

T = (N x (Th + C)) x (1000 / P)

Lets try some sample problems.

Jane wants to cook 5 strips of thick bacon to medium crispness. She has a 1000 watt microwave and a Wowbacon. How long should she cook her bacon for in minutes?

T = (5 x (45 + 3)) x (1000 / 1000)
T = (5 x 48) x 1
T = 240 x 1
T = 240

Answer: She should cook her bacon for 4 minutes.

Now you try one:

Paul loves bacon. He wants 3 strips of thin cut bacon just barely crispy. He owns a powerful 1300 watt microwave. How long should he cook his bacon?

NOTE: The WowBacon microwave bacon cooker also catches all the grease in a cup which you can put a popsicle stick in and put in the freezer to make delicious bacon pops.

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